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【影片名称】:万人迷 Some Kind Of Woman (1985)

姜琳是女主人的电视脱口秀节目 (什么?) 性。她评级蓬勃发展,她的听众是固定和最好的一切,姜自己性生活从来没有更好。直到琥珀色林恩,一个年轻热-身体从枝、 巴士和元首为工作室的步骤,一切都是完美的。她是决心要把它做大在洛杉矶,她认为这个节目只是她需要的踏脚石。但她在片场的存在威胁到放火已经挥发的情色氛围,并点燃总肉体混乱。姜显然是不高兴,和女孩子们吹来,终于看到时一场大逃杀,不容错过。
Ginger Lynn is the hostess of a TV talk show about (what else?) sex. Her ratings are booming, her audience is fixated and best of all, Gingers own sex life has never been better. Everything is perfect until Amber Lynn, a young hot-body from the sticks, steps off of a bus and heads for the studio. She is determined to make it big in L.A. and she sees the show as just the stepping stone she needs. But her presence on the set threatens to set the already volatile erotic atmosphere afire, and to ignite total carnal chaos. Ginger is obviously none too happy, and when the girls finally come to blows, it is a battle royale not to be missed.


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